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RUDRAKSH has created the market of trust and not illusions. We assure best placements at highest packages accompanied by raising graph. We have an active placement assessment cell to act as a bridge between industry and the candidate. The placement is highly dependent on the performance of the candidate and his capabilities to hold the position. We also ensure lifetime placement support, which is in case you as an employee suffer any issues in regards to salary or services you can approach us with the same and we shall help you sort them out. Our institute is your next step to excelling career.




Jabal Ali


Fadak 6000


Captain Hamada

Bushra VII

Black Eagle

Amina H

Alkhairat _9

Al Jirnaas


Able Vessel

Lady Noor



Suvari H

Star 126


Oceanic Supply


Fleet List

Vessel Fleet Name IMO Number Call Sign GRT Vessel Type Vessel Flag
Able 9001136 3FHH2 4988 Cargo Ship Panama
Al Khairat 9 9152806 JYAW9 6568 Cargo Ship jordan
Aizdhar 8906846 V4WE3 23274 Bulk carrier Saint Kitts and Nevis
Amina H 8818893 5IM577 4267 Cargo Ship Tanzania
Black Eagle 8129498 T8A3310 5985 Cargo Ship palau
Bushra VII 8914087 5VFP5 5053 Cargo Ship Togo
Captain Hamada 8602361 5IM666 6425 Cargo Ship Tanzania
Danum 172 9151424 9WTO7 13448 Container Malaysia
Doganay 8876584 E5U2804 1592 Cargo Ship Cook Islands
Dorsten 9340740 POTW 1653 Vessel Type Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Firouzan 8910055 EPCJ7 1477 General Cargo Iran
Florica 8837904 E5U2557 2980 Cargo Ship Cook Islands
Hak 8214889 T8A3143 7641 Cargo Ship Palau
Hoa Binh 27 9323625 3WHF 1455 Cargo Ship Vietnam
Hoa Binh 54 9693434 3WMS9 2999 Cargo Ship Vietnam
Jabal Ali 7 7725154 3FPN3 14805 Ro-Ro Cargo Panama
Kayalp 8407216 TCA9010 1243 Cargo ship Turkey
Lady Noor 8611099 T8A2210 5994 Cargo Ship Palau
Manaman V 7621073 T8A3141 1321 Tankship palau
Miski 8912845 3FAV2 3972 General Cargo Panama
Nako 8802466 3FBC8 2331 General Cargo Panama
Nasico Sky 9560883 3WGF9 3674 Cargo Ship Vietnam
Nawal IV 8319110 ERRQ 5654 Cargo Ship Moldova
Nereida 7519294 ZADM8 6917 Cargo Ship Albania
Oceanic 9703382 9HA4426 1239 Supply Malta
Pearl 7928794 T8A2985 1740 General Cargo Palau
Seama 7827328 5VFI7 2530 General Cargo Togo
Star 126 9367164 3WNQ 2494 Cargo Ship Vietnam
Suvari H 9055931 TRA015 7708 General Cargo Gabon
Taif 9318400 ER2738 4123 General Cargo Moldova
Tuna 1 9148491 T8A3315 4276 General Cargo Palau
Zafer 6723915 TCA9013 2243 Ro-Ro Cargo  Turkey